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Meet the Flexicar Dubliners

April 8, 2011

After five long years of sleepless on-call nights for the Flexicar Team, we have moved our after hours phone support to Connect by Hertz‘ call centre in Dublin (say ‘Dooblin’, in Irish).

If you’re of the nocturnal type, book in the middle of the night (and why shouldn’t you?! There’s a flat rate of 1 hour between 11pm and 7am) and need a hand, give us a call and you’ll be transferred to our new Dubs. They’ll be delighted to chat all things Flexicar – in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.

Like to meet them?

Five minutes with…


My most treasured possession is my ticket to the beautiful Cook Islands!

My guiltiest pleasure is food, specially Spanish and Japanese food.

My home town is Barcelona, Spain

My last meal would be Spanish omelet with artichokes, I love them!!

My worst job was… none. I’ve been very lucky.

I try to cut my environmental impact by walking to work.

My favorite Flexicar is Pacific.


My most treasured possession is life!

My guiltiest pleasure is sex!

My home town is Planet Earth.

My last meal would be Sirloin Steak (medium) with a glass of great Cabernet Sauvignon!

My worst job was… Flexicar after hour phone support (LOL!)

I try to cut my environmental impact by walking.

My favorite Flexicar is Elvis.


My most treasured possession is My Phone

My guiltiest pleasure is WWE

My home town is Balbriggan Co Dublin Ireland

My last meal would be…. Steak with Pepper sauce.

My worst job was at the local Supermarket

I try to cut my environmental impact by… Using public transport as much as possible

My favorite Flexicar is… BAM BAM (just like the name)


My most treasured possession is…. Time, to be spent with my family and friends

My guiltiest pleasure is… Handbags

My home town is… A Coruña (Spain)

My last meal would be…. Any fish stew

My worst job was…. Lets forget about it, haha!

I try to cut my environmental impact by… Using public transport

My favorite Flexicar is… Lulu

And let’s not forget the others: Aurelia, Carmel, Cristina, Estrella and Morgane.


Greg, Dooblin Convert

Waterless car washing at Flexicar

November 14, 2008

While Flexicar offers you a great way to reduce your environmental footrpint, as a business we are also always looking at ways to minimise and reduce our own environmental impact of doing business.

As the long hot days of summer are rolling in, it is concerning how little water we have in Melbourne at present.  Melbourne’s water storages are currently at only 33.4%.  So we all need to do our bit to conserve water!

We have always had a water wise policy with regards to cleaning our Flexicars; only taking them to a car wash when they really needed it, and going to car washes that used recylced water.  But we have now teamed up with another great small business to reduce our water use even further.

Jonno’s Car Wash uses Style Magic – a waterless spray & wipe that is 100% natural and organic, Australian made & owned.  He uses NO WATER to clean our Flexicars, and his cleaning process also removes 98% of bacteria, with no chemicals and only micro-fibre cleaning cloths.  Jonno was a Finalists for the savewater! awards 2008.

So next time you see a sparkling clean Flexicar, you can be assured that not one drop of precious water was used to get it that way.  Thanks Jonno!