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Meet the Flexicar Dubliners

April 8, 2011

After five long years of sleepless on-call nights for the Flexicar Team, we have moved our after hours phone support to Connect by Hertz‘ call centre in Dublin (say ‘Dooblin’, in Irish).

If you’re of the nocturnal type, book in the middle of the night (and why shouldn’t you?! There’s a flat rate of 1 hour between 11pm and 7am) and need a hand, give us a call and you’ll be transferred to our new Dubs. They’ll be delighted to chat all things Flexicar – in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.

Like to meet them?

Five minutes with…


My most treasured possession is my ticket to the beautiful Cook Islands!

My guiltiest pleasure is food, specially Spanish and Japanese food.

My home town is Barcelona, Spain

My last meal would be Spanish omelet with artichokes, I love them!!

My worst job was… none. I’ve been very lucky.

I try to cut my environmental impact by walking to work.

My favorite Flexicar is Pacific.


My most treasured possession is life!

My guiltiest pleasure is sex!

My home town is Planet Earth.

My last meal would be Sirloin Steak (medium) with a glass of great Cabernet Sauvignon!

My worst job was… Flexicar after hour phone support (LOL!)

I try to cut my environmental impact by walking.

My favorite Flexicar is Elvis.


My most treasured possession is My Phone

My guiltiest pleasure is WWE

My home town is Balbriggan Co Dublin Ireland

My last meal would be…. Steak with Pepper sauce.

My worst job was at the local Supermarket

I try to cut my environmental impact by… Using public transport as much as possible

My favorite Flexicar is… BAM BAM (just like the name)


My most treasured possession is…. Time, to be spent with my family and friends

My guiltiest pleasure is… Handbags

My home town is… A Coruña (Spain)

My last meal would be…. Any fish stew

My worst job was…. Lets forget about it, haha!

I try to cut my environmental impact by… Using public transport

My favorite Flexicar is… Lulu

And let’s not forget the others: Aurelia, Carmel, Cristina, Estrella and Morgane.


Greg, Dooblin Convert

Farewell to a Flexicar founding member

October 27, 2010

Everyone knows Biggles, our faithful red Smart ForTwo. Well, it is with great sadness that we announce his departure, after five years of good and loyal services.

Don’t be fooled by the size, we could easily write a couple of books on Biggles’ adventures…

Biggles joined the Flexicar tribe in 2005 when Flexicar was still Flo. Him and his twin sister Fruity were pretty much the fleet then, and Biggles quickly imposed himself as the favourite and a must-book Flexicar. He finally claimed the Carlisle street pod in St Kilda as his, and lived there for a couple of years.

For the anecdote, there was the time where Biggles delivered… a newborn to the Hospital. There’s also that Flexicar member who was always calling him “Mr Big”. Aah we’ll miss you Biggles.

But dry your eyes, it’s not the end of the road yet for Biggles. He is destined to an even brighter future as part of a unique project to become… the first electric Smart Car in Australia!

So Keep your eyes peeled for Biggles, you’ll surely see him again on the streets.

If you have any Biggles-related adventures we want to hear them! Post them as a comment below, we’ll notify Biggles.

Greg, ForTwo Nostalgic

The Team with Biggles, just before he left

Biggles in Carlton

Did you say “sexy-car”?

September 9, 2010

Karla is a Flexicar member and she told me a story that is too good to not be shared.

Karla’s friends would repeatedly mishear her when she tells them ‘I booked a Flexicar’. They kept thinking she says ‘I booked a sexy-car‘, which ended up in much laughter.

I can actually relate to this story so much. As a native French speaker I have a thick accent and people often misunderstand me when I say “Flexicar”, most especially over the phone – believe me, I’ve heard about everything… “Sexy car” definitely came a few times, but I also had “Flexi-Cow”, “Flexi-Call” or “Flexi-Tarp” to name a few.

I’m often amazed at how something that I thought I’ve articulated correctly turns into something as bent as “Flexi-Tarp”. Of course this is an endless source of entertainment and joy for my colleagues and I must say, I’m glad to hear it doesn’t only happen to me!

This story is just one in thousands of unbelievable members’ anecdote, we could easily write a couple of books about it…

So we’d love to hear your Flexicar anecdotes, if you have one please leave it as a comment below – The first 10 stories will get a $20 driving credit (if you’re a member).


A Flexicar...

... to not be mistaken with a Sexy-Car

New marketing – operations staff member on board…

February 26, 2009

Hola everyone!

I’m Flexicar’s new staff member Justin. I’ve recently come on board and I’ll be doing street marketing as well as providing support for our operations team.

Evidently car sharing runs in the blood because in 2007, while taking advantage of a year’s working visa in the US, I was employed as Marketing Representative for Zipcar – the world’s largest car sharing company. Well two year’s later, having moved across the globe (and stopped in a few places on the way), I finally made it to the land down under. No sooner had I started exploring Melbourne, than I discovered winged Flexicars darting around town! Well I tracked them to the source and found the Flexicar office tucked away on Lt Lonsdale St. The rest is history as they say…

As my job title suggests, I’ll be out and about a lot. When you see me zipping through town or running around juggling a few things, wave me down- I’d love to stop and chat!

See you on the streets!


Waterless car washing at Flexicar

November 14, 2008

While Flexicar offers you a great way to reduce your environmental footrpint, as a business we are also always looking at ways to minimise and reduce our own environmental impact of doing business.

As the long hot days of summer are rolling in, it is concerning how little water we have in Melbourne at present.  Melbourne’s water storages are currently at only 33.4%.  So we all need to do our bit to conserve water!

We have always had a water wise policy with regards to cleaning our Flexicars; only taking them to a car wash when they really needed it, and going to car washes that used recylced water.  But we have now teamed up with another great small business to reduce our water use even further.

Jonno’s Car Wash uses Style Magic – a waterless spray & wipe that is 100% natural and organic, Australian made & owned.  He uses NO WATER to clean our Flexicars, and his cleaning process also removes 98% of bacteria, with no chemicals and only micro-fibre cleaning cloths.  Jonno was a Finalists for the savewater! awards 2008.

So next time you see a sparkling clean Flexicar, you can be assured that not one drop of precious water was used to get it that way.  Thanks Jonno!

The Shadow Men

September 27, 2008

Today I’m going to tell you about the backstage people at Flexicar.

You may have never talked to them, you may have never even thought they would exist but it is thanks to these guys that your Flexicar is neat and clean, that you have a new CD each month in the car etc.

More generally speaking, they’re the folks who make sure that the operations side of Flexicar is running smoothly.

These blokes of the shadow are Antony, Cale and Jim.

Jim is from the country, somewhere up north in Victoria, and as he would tell you if you meet him, he is a hillbilly. With the friendly temperament which usually characterises country people and his white beard, he makes me think about the Santa Claus a bit, most especially with his red bright Flexicar hoodie.

Our back garage at the office in now crystal clean and manically organised, thanks Jim!

Ant and Cale are both from the Victorian country side as well.

Ant is studying at Melbourne Uni and is working part time at Flexicar, he loves his footy of course.

Same with Cale, he’s from somewhere up north. After having completed some studies in the medical/business field he’s working at Flexicar saving all his cash for his upcoming 2009 world trip, starting with Cambodia.

If you want to speak to them, tell them how you enjoy the cleanness of our Flexicars and simply thank them for having rescued you when you had a flat battery, please email


Greg the Saturday blogger

We might get there earlier than what you expect

September 13, 2008

I get a lot of enquiries about Flexicar’s expansion.

Ideally, everyone would like to have a Flexicar right in front of their door…But it wouldn’t be such a good thing as the idea of car sharing is also to reduce the amount of cars.

At the moment our service is concentrated in the inner city area, but following our growth plan, we are expanding from the city outwards. We are currently working at filling gaps between our existing locations – and we’ll have new locations soon in Port Melbourne, Brunswick, Kensington and South Yarra.

In regards to adding cars to our network, this is how it works at our end: we add cars in response to local demand – and this is where you could help us!

If you know of friends, family and local businesses in some areas where Flexicar is not present and who are interested in using Flexicar, get them to register their interest on our website at

The more registrations we have from these areas the sooner it will be that we add cars there. You can tell friends, family and local businesses about Flexicar HERE.

Speak to you soon

Greg, Flexiblogger

Transport…the elephant in the corner

April 4, 2008

Today at Parliament House the Victorian Premier, John Brumby, hosted the Victorian Climate Change Summit. I listened to the Premier’s address live online this morning. There was lots of good stuff about energy and water covered. However, there was little mention of transport.

The transport sector in Victoria is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gas emission, and what’s more it is the sector with the fastest growing emissions. And the need to address this was further highlighted this week with the release of the Eddington Report.

The only real mention of transport in the Premier’s speech was the need to shift to hybrid cars. Hydrid cars are great, and will be part of the transport sector’s response to climate change. But a shift in the type of cars we drive won’t address issues such as congestion and parking pressure (particularly with our strong population growth). Nor are they currently an affordable option for most people, with hybrids vehicles costing close to $40k on road (the main reason Flexicar doesn’t yet have any hybrids in its fleet).

Furthermore, continuing to build our city around the car leads to other increased greenhouse gas emissions associated with urban sprawl, loss of arable land to housing/roads/parking, greater distances for food to travel, etc.

It was disappointing that in the Premier’s speech this morning there was no mention of public transport, services like Flexicar, car pooling or active transport (walking and cycling). I noted the Victorian Climate Change Summit agenda DID include a break out discussion group topic that included transport. I do hope the delegates in that group addressed the impact of emissions from transport better than the Premier did.

Flexicar’s been Googled

March 13, 2008


Flexicar hit the world stage in February 2008, with Google producing a Video on our business. It certainly came as a surprise to us-

Here’s the story……

Once upon a time there was a girl named Goldilocks (I will play Goldilocks as I am writing this) who worked for a company called Flexicar. Flexicar was made up of Mama Bear (Monique CEO), Papa Bear (Brendan Operations Manager) and Baby Bear (Ruth Accounts).

One day in late 2007, Goldilocks was perplexed with a Google Adwords question. So she picked up the telephone, called Google directly and pretty soon had the answers to her questions.

Soon after this telephone call, Goldilocks then received a call from Google.

To her surprise they were so fascinated by our company they wanted to do a case study on Flexicar and the positive impact of Google in the marketing of our business.

Goldilocks screamed with excitement and passed on the news to Mama Bear, Papa Bear and Baby Bear. Flexicar was finally hitting the world stage and we were going to be famous! Goldilocks answered some questions and was looking forward to reading the case study on the Google website.

A week later, Goldilocks and the three bears received another call from Google. Not only did they want to do a written case study on Flexicar, they also wanted to make a video! Goldilocks and the three bears screamed with glee.

Soon after, the Google Guys and their film crew “Quick Clips” arrived from Sydney for a full day of shooting here in our Melbourne home. Mama bear was to be filmed all day with Goldilocks, Papa and Baby bear entertaining the crew.

In the months following, Google posted the video on their website- check it out on our site Flexicar’s been Googled.

Since the video was posted it’s had over 25000 viewings!

Since then, Mama Bear, Goldilocks and the 2 bears have been hard at work keeping up with the overwhelming response that the video created.

So if you want to find out more about Flexicar then log onto

By the way we’ve even got names for our cars and yes there even a Goldilocks, she’s parked at the Piedmonte’s carpark in Fitzroy North.

Check out our other locations

Flexicar Locations

The End (By Debbie – Sales & Marketing)

Oh my…myki delayed

March 7, 2008

On the weekend the Sunday Age reported the new Victorian public transport smartcard ticketing system may be abandoned. Apparently budget blowouts and time delays may see the new “myki” system shelved.

This is disappointing news. Flexicar is eagerly awaiting the introduction of a modern smartcard public transport ticketing system. The new myki smartcard ticketing system uses the same sort of technology that runs the Flexicar fleet. If such a smartcard public transport ticketing system existed, the opportunity to integrate public transport and Flexicar would create a whole new spectrum of personal transportation for Melbournians.

With one smartcard you could get on a tram, a train, a bus, and a Flexicar – all your transport needs covered by one swipe of the wrist. How good would that be? How much easy would it be to live car free?

It may sound futuristic, but many cities in European already have integrated sustainable transport systems that include car share. And this plan has already gained support from the Victorian government way back in 2005….(when we used to be called Flo Carshare).

But back in 2005 the Victorian government told us we’d have new public transport smartcard system by 2007. It now sounds as though the delays to myki mean a world class, integrated, sustainable transport system for Melbourne is still some years away.