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Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

August 12, 2011

We’ve been a little tardy posting to the Flexi-Blog. It has been a loooooooong and busy time for the Flexicar team since we’ve moved into our new Hertz home last December. Lots of work to get here, then lots more work when we got here to learn how things work, then even  more work training some new customer service peeps here and in Dublin, then extra work at the moment as our wee team of six is down to four whilst two team members are overseas.

So….are we there yet, you may well join us in asking?

Getting there 🙂

The Aussie customer service team are doing a great job at helping out members during the day – so a big shout out to Louise, Teresa, David and Johnny who are taking Flexicar calls in between their Hertz calls. They report that you Flexicar lot are rather lovely!

The international team is proving a bit trickier alas. Not that many calls come in overnight and there’s a bit less consistency in who is answering the phone, so the level of knowledge (and thus related support) isn’t always up to our best standard. Please know that we’re aware and are working on it.

The indispensable Greg is due back from his well-earned month off in a couple of weeks, and we hope to have smoother waters on his return. Monique is off on her Churchill Fellowship and has been meeting up with fabulous car sharing and sustainable transport people all around the globe, so we look forward to sharing some of her experiences when she’s back in September.

We’ve also just added a new helper to the Ops team (Hello to Mitch), which means our tech guru Shane (who had been helping out full time in Ops for a few months) will have some more time to work on some of our technical issues.

In between all this, we’re still welcoming lots of new members every month and we’ve added around 15 new parks in the past 6-7 months…so it really is all systems go, despite the changes behind the scenes. We’re still supporting lots of local events, including the just closed State of Design festival and the upcoming Melbourne Writers Festival and Fringe Festivals.

So, we’re not quite there yet. But we’re getting closer every day!

Meet the Flexicar Dubliners

April 8, 2011

After five long years of sleepless on-call nights for the Flexicar Team, we have moved our after hours phone support to Connect by Hertz‘ call centre in Dublin (say ‘Dooblin’, in Irish).

If you’re of the nocturnal type, book in the middle of the night (and why shouldn’t you?! There’s a flat rate of 1 hour between 11pm and 7am) and need a hand, give us a call and you’ll be transferred to our new Dubs. They’ll be delighted to chat all things Flexicar – in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.

Like to meet them?

Five minutes with…


My most treasured possession is my ticket to the beautiful Cook Islands!

My guiltiest pleasure is food, specially Spanish and Japanese food.

My home town is Barcelona, Spain

My last meal would be Spanish omelet with artichokes, I love them!!

My worst job was… none. I’ve been very lucky.

I try to cut my environmental impact by walking to work.

My favorite Flexicar is Pacific.


My most treasured possession is life!

My guiltiest pleasure is sex!

My home town is Planet Earth.

My last meal would be Sirloin Steak (medium) with a glass of great Cabernet Sauvignon!

My worst job was… Flexicar after hour phone support (LOL!)

I try to cut my environmental impact by walking.

My favorite Flexicar is Elvis.


My most treasured possession is My Phone

My guiltiest pleasure is WWE

My home town is Balbriggan Co Dublin Ireland

My last meal would be…. Steak with Pepper sauce.

My worst job was at the local Supermarket

I try to cut my environmental impact by… Using public transport as much as possible

My favorite Flexicar is… BAM BAM (just like the name)


My most treasured possession is…. Time, to be spent with my family and friends

My guiltiest pleasure is… Handbags

My home town is… A Coruña (Spain)

My last meal would be…. Any fish stew

My worst job was…. Lets forget about it, haha!

I try to cut my environmental impact by… Using public transport

My favorite Flexicar is… Lulu

And let’s not forget the others: Aurelia, Carmel, Cristina, Estrella and Morgane.


Greg, Dooblin Convert

Farewell to a Flexicar founding member

October 27, 2010

Everyone knows Biggles, our faithful red Smart ForTwo. Well, it is with great sadness that we announce his departure, after five years of good and loyal services.

Don’t be fooled by the size, we could easily write a couple of books on Biggles’ adventures…

Biggles joined the Flexicar tribe in 2005 when Flexicar was still Flo. Him and his twin sister Fruity were pretty much the fleet then, and Biggles quickly imposed himself as the favourite and a must-book Flexicar. He finally claimed the Carlisle street pod in St Kilda as his, and lived there for a couple of years.

For the anecdote, there was the time where Biggles delivered… a newborn to the Hospital. There’s also that Flexicar member who was always calling him “Mr Big”. Aah we’ll miss you Biggles.

But dry your eyes, it’s not the end of the road yet for Biggles. He is destined to an even brighter future as part of a unique project to become… the first electric Smart Car in Australia!

So Keep your eyes peeled for Biggles, you’ll surely see him again on the streets.

If you have any Biggles-related adventures we want to hear them! Post them as a comment below, we’ll notify Biggles.

Greg, ForTwo Nostalgic

The Team with Biggles, just before he left

Biggles in Carlton

Flexicar selected as finalist in Melbourne Awards!

August 6, 2009

Melbourne_awardsThe Flexi-team are rather pumped as we’ve been selected as finalists in the 2009 Melbourne Awards! We applied under the category of “Contribution to Environment – Corporate”. We’ll find out if we’re a winner on Saturday 29 August at the Awards dinner at the Town Hall. Fingers, toes and windshield wipers will be crossed!

(We’re feeling hopeful, perhaps because of Flexicar CEO Monique Conheady’s recent exciting win being selected for a Churchill Fellowship. Congratulations Monique!).

Unveiling the Hybrids

June 4, 2009

Flexicar are excited to announce that we now have two Hybrids in the Flexicar fleet, made possible by our friends at Honda who have provided the cars for twelve months. (More on this story here). The media launch was held today – in the “pretty but chilly” setting of Melbourne’s City Square. Honda Ambassador, fashion designer Akira Isogawa, helped “unveil” the Melbourne Hybrid Dreamer. The second Hybrid is kicking off today in Crown St, Surry Hills.

Some pics of the media launch, hosted by Honda, are below. These were taken on the rather wee Flexicar camera. Once we have the “professional images” we’ll be able to share these with you.

Monique Conheady speaking at launch

Monique Conheady speaking at launch


The unveiling

The unveiling


Monique Conheady, Lindsay Smalley (Honda) & Fashion Designer Akira Isogawa

Monique Conheady, Lindsay Smalley (Honda) & Fashion Designer Akira Isogawa


"Dreamer" looking snazzy

"Dreamer" looking snazzy

A moment of thanks to our members

February 6, 2009

We’re in the throws of marketing planning for 2009 for Flexicar. And it prompted me to give thanks to our members. Because every month last year, the #1 or #2 means of attracting new members was, well, you!

In 2008, because so many of you told your friends, colleagues, bosses, etc about Flexicar, we not only welcomed hundreds of new members, we also handed out over $10,000 in driving credits to you and another $10,000 of driving credits to those you referred. On top of that, we were able to add over 15 new Flexicars for you to drive.

Don’t you just love it when a phrase like “Win-Win” has some real meaning?

So please, keep up the good work with the referrals. And we promise to do the same.

Kimberly the Marketing Chick

Who says small isn’t better?

May 22, 2008

The Flexicar team are feeling rather excited this week, as we’ve been chosen as a finalist in the United Nations World Environment Day Awards. Our category is “Best Specific Environmental Initiative” and our small business is up again a couple of giants – Alcoa and Origin Energy. We want to congratulate the other finalists – and jump up and down a little about a small business like Flexicar being in the same class as these big businesses.

Putting the Awards entry together, it was amazing to realise just how many ways Flexicar – and our members – are “kicking the carbon habit” – the theme of this year’s World Environment Day.

I don’t have the space to go into it all here, but a couple of key points were:

* Flexicar members only drive an average of 500km a year – compared to the average Aussie, at 15,000 km a year!

* With our current membership numbers, we’ve taken around 500 cars off the road

* The most common method of transport used by our healthy and environmentally conscious Flexicar members is….their own feet!

The winners will be announced on Friday 6th June at an Awards Dinner. We’ll have fingers and toes crossed!

Here’s a bit more from the UN about the awards:

“Held as part of celebrations for the United Nations’ World Environment Day (5 June), these Awards acknowledge actions taken at a local level to address global environmental issues. The 2008 United Nations World Environment Day theme, ‘Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy’, and the 2008 International Year of Planet Earth focus particular attention on global warming and on the responsibility of countries, companies and communities to de‐carbonise their lifestyles.

The standard of this year’s finalists is outstanding, which reflects the growing awareness across all Australian sectors of the critical role the environment plays in all aspects of human endeavour.”

Kimberly the marketing chick

January was hot at Flexicar – and we don’t mean the weather!

February 1, 2008

Whilst many people were easing back into the new year, the Flexicar team have had to hit the ground running thanks to a record month of new members. Flexicar have had their biggest month ever of member sign ups, thanks in large part to our brief but generous free membership promotion. We also have to thank our enthusiastic Flexicar members, who are always out there singing the praises of Flexicar to their friends, family and workmates (and landing their 3 free hours while they’re at it).

And why should you care if Flexicar has more members? Well, more members mean we can add more cars around town for you to use! There’s a ratio of cars to members that Flexicar work to, ensuring that there’s always the best possible access to cars whilst keeping our rates as low as you’d like. We’ve got new cars coming soon to Melbourne’s Docklands and inner-city Sydney plus some other areas that are too top secret to announce yet!