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We’re a little slow on blogging – did you know we’re on Facebook & Twitter?

February 13, 2012

Ok, true confessions time. We’ve been rather lack-lustre in our blogging lately, as you may have noticed. Too few people with too much going on.

We have managed to be much more active on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Something about 140 character limit being far less daunting than a full blog post!

So if you want to be the MOST up to date on Flexicar news, specials and general goss, we recommend you LIKE us on Facebook at of FOLLOW us on Twitter at .

Behind the scenes of the new Flexicar film!

September 9, 2009

The time has come to retire our induction film “re:Flex. The Movie” and produce a new, improved version.

So after lots of script editing and reviewing, we were finally ready to start filming last week with our production company, Conscious Flux. Almost all the team were “volunteered” to star in the 6 minute movie. A large portion was shot “green screen” so that animations can be added afterwards – who knew that Flexicar had something in common with Star Wars!? We were also out and about on many locations, including Grumpy Green’s in Collingwood and near the Studley Park Boat Sheds.

The Melbourne drought of course decided to go into hiding over the two days, so wet and chilly was the order of the day! But we’ve got it all done and we look forward to showing you – and all our new members – the finished product.

In the mean time, here’s a few “behind the scenes” shots!

Presenters Pete & Moniqe talking through the scene

Presenters Pete & Moniqe talking through the scene


Pete using the vintage phone

Pete using the vintage phone




Greg ready for his role (taking place in Dan's house - thanks Dan!)

Greg ready for his role (taking place in Dan's house - thanks Dan!)



Justin in a scene shot at Grumpy Green's on Smith St

Justin in a scene shot at Grumpy Green's on Smith St

Where’s my invoice?

April 29, 2008

Flexicar Invoices
At Flexicar, our invoices follow the calendar month. All bookings that end within the given month are included on the same invoice.

In the first week of the following month the invoices are finalised. In this period we add toll trips, excess kilometers, and any other specials, extras or discounts. Once the invoices are finalised, a notification email is sent out to all members.

How and When do I pay my Flexicar Invoice?

Invoice finalisation and notification occurs on the 7th of the month or the next business day. Flexicar charges the invoices 7 days after the notification email is sent out using the direct debit details you provided us when you joined as a member.

You should expect the invoice payment to be made on the 14th of the month or the following business day.

If you have nominated a credit card for your invoice payments, then the name Ezidebit Milton, QLD will appear on your credit card statement, this is our payment provider. If you have nominated a bank account, then the name Flexicar will appear on your bank statement.

All your Invoice Queries
Please wait until you receive the invoice notification email before contacting us regarding specials or extras for your invoice. After you receive the invoice notification email make sure you check your invoice online under the ‘My Payments’ section.

If you need to nominate a different account or credit card for your direct debit payment, then simply contact us and we will provide you with a form to update your payment details.

If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact our friendly accounts staff:

Invoices, Extras and ETags

April 15, 2008

March Invoices

March invoices were finalised and the notification email sent on the 8th of April. Invoices are always charged 7 days after the notification email is sent out. So, the March Flexicar invoices were debited on Wednesday, 15th of April.

We aim to finalise all accounts by the 7th of the month, but we had a delay this time. Our delay was due to Citylink Etag information not being available for the entire month of March. We were only able to obtain Etag information up to the 23 March.

How are Toll Trips applied to Flexicar invoices?
Citylink reports all toll trips made by all Flexicars. These trips are matched to Flexi-bookings and applied at-cost to your account.

April Invoices

April invoices may include an invoice correction for toll trips taken between 24 and 31 March.

Also, appearing on April invoices will be the lovely half price offer. This is a strictly limited offer so check out the details in your Flexicar eNewsletter dated Friday 11th April.

Remember to wait until the invoices are finalised and the notification email is sent out (expect this to happen on the 7th of May). When you receive this email you should check your invoice on line under the My Payments section for all the toll trips, extra kilometres, special discounts and free hours.

Questions about your invoice?

Then you can email if you have any queries about your invoice.

Beyond 2000 – And 8

March 12, 2008

I remember back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s watching a great TV show called “Beyond 2000”.  Everything it showed seemed so hi tech and so unbelievable.  This was also around the time that “Back To The Future” had Michael J Fox riding around on a hovering skateboard and there was the ability to make video phone calls….CRAZY!!!

One thing that did stick out in my mind was a 2hr special they did on the environment.  Their suggestion was to make sure we weren’t using any power that we didn’t need.  And so I made it my personal mission to save the world (as I am sure all 11 year olds watching took on board), therefore following my sister and mum around the house, making sure they switched off lights, televisions and radios, and made sure the fridge door was always closed, or that we tried not to use the dryer…they were over it pretty quickly!!!

BUT now, I have the same task for Flexicar.  Too many members are leaving interior and headlights on in Flexicars, both during and after their bookings.  Not only is this a waste of power, batteries are getting run down and only work for half the time they are supposed to, sending them to the afterlife well before their time…not to mention the inconvenience to other members and the Flexicar Operations team.

Let’s turn out the lights, help the environment and help our little Flexicars get more time on the road from their batteries.

Brendan the Operations Manager

February Flexicar Invoices

February 29, 2008

Just a reminder, we are at the end of another calendar month and that means that you will all soon be receiving your Flexicar invoices for February.
All bookings which are completed in the month of February will be on your February invoice, but wait until the 7th of March before checking for any free hours, discounts, special offers or surcharges.
On the 7th of March you will receive an email from Flexicar stating that your invoice is finalised and is ready for viewing on line. Login to your Flexicar account and go to the ‘My Payments’ section and check your invoice total. We will then charge your invoice by direct debit on the 14th of March.
Flexicar ran a special offer in February – 2 days for the price of 1. This is a limited offer and applies to only 48 hour bookings which occur on weekdays. That is, the booking must start after 7am on Monday and end before 7am on Saturday. No exceptions and no back-to-back bookings (the offer is 2 days for the price of 1, not 4 days for the price of 2).
So wait until you receive the invoice notification from Flexicar on the 7th, then check for your specials and discounts.
Happy Driving!
Ruth @ The Flexicar Team

Cleanliness is next to….

February 22, 2008

As Operations Manager of Flexicar, I have found myself becoming a bit of a neat freak. My mother would be shocked after I spent my adolescent years with a bedroom full of clothes in piles that failed to discriminate clean from dirty, and dishes under the bed that could possibly have been there since the last time my friends were over for a Super Nintendo party!

How times have changed. Overseeing each vehicle in our Flexicar family, and getting feedback from our members, I have come to see that the cleanliness of the cars is a high priority, not only for my team, but for all of our members. There’s nothing worse than finding sand, food scraps, dog hair etc. The interiors of the cars are cleaned on a regular basis. Due to the drought however, the exteriors get a little less love unfortunately…but we are environmentally conscious here at Flexicar – better a dirty car than no water to drink!

So, as a member and a car sharer, please make sure our Ops Team’s terrific work isn’t in vain (and that my new found fastidiousness isn’t futile!). You can do this by ensuring you don’t smoke or have pets in the cars, leave each car neat and tidy, all seats up, just the way you found it, and ready for the next member to enjoy….feel free to have a bedroom like mine at home all you like!

Brendan from Flexicar Operations