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Meet the Flexicar Dubliners

April 8, 2011

After five long years of sleepless on-call nights for the Flexicar Team, we have moved our after hours phone support to Connect by Hertz‘ call centre in Dublin (say ‘Dooblin’, in Irish).

If you’re of the nocturnal type, book in the middle of the night (and why shouldn’t you?! There’s a flat rate of 1 hour between 11pm and 7am) and need a hand, give us a call and you’ll be transferred to our new Dubs. They’ll be delighted to chat all things Flexicar – in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.

Like to meet them?

Five minutes with…


My most treasured possession is my ticket to the beautiful Cook Islands!

My guiltiest pleasure is food, specially Spanish and Japanese food.

My home town is Barcelona, Spain

My last meal would be Spanish omelet with artichokes, I love them!!

My worst job was… none. I’ve been very lucky.

I try to cut my environmental impact by walking to work.

My favorite Flexicar is Pacific.


My most treasured possession is life!

My guiltiest pleasure is sex!

My home town is Planet Earth.

My last meal would be Sirloin Steak (medium) with a glass of great Cabernet Sauvignon!

My worst job was… Flexicar after hour phone support (LOL!)

I try to cut my environmental impact by walking.

My favorite Flexicar is Elvis.


My most treasured possession is My Phone

My guiltiest pleasure is WWE

My home town is Balbriggan Co Dublin Ireland

My last meal would be…. Steak with Pepper sauce.

My worst job was at the local Supermarket

I try to cut my environmental impact by… Using public transport as much as possible

My favorite Flexicar is… BAM BAM (just like the name)


My most treasured possession is…. Time, to be spent with my family and friends

My guiltiest pleasure is… Handbags

My home town is… A Coruña (Spain)

My last meal would be…. Any fish stew

My worst job was…. Lets forget about it, haha!

I try to cut my environmental impact by… Using public transport

My favorite Flexicar is… Lulu

And let’s not forget the others: Aurelia, Carmel, Cristina, Estrella and Morgane.


Greg, Dooblin Convert

Farewell to a Flexicar founding member

October 27, 2010

Everyone knows Biggles, our faithful red Smart ForTwo. Well, it is with great sadness that we announce his departure, after five years of good and loyal services.

Don’t be fooled by the size, we could easily write a couple of books on Biggles’ adventures…

Biggles joined the Flexicar tribe in 2005 when Flexicar was still Flo. Him and his twin sister Fruity were pretty much the fleet then, and Biggles quickly imposed himself as the favourite and a must-book Flexicar. He finally claimed the Carlisle street pod in St Kilda as his, and lived there for a couple of years.

For the anecdote, there was the time where Biggles delivered… a newborn to the Hospital. There’s also that Flexicar member who was always calling him “Mr Big”. Aah we’ll miss you Biggles.

But dry your eyes, it’s not the end of the road yet for Biggles. He is destined to an even brighter future as part of a unique project to become… the first electric Smart Car in Australia!

So Keep your eyes peeled for Biggles, you’ll surely see him again on the streets.

If you have any Biggles-related adventures we want to hear them! Post them as a comment below, we’ll notify Biggles.

Greg, ForTwo Nostalgic

The Team with Biggles, just before he left

Biggles in Carlton

Did you say “sexy-car”?

September 9, 2010

Karla is a Flexicar member and she told me a story that is too good to not be shared.

Karla’s friends would repeatedly mishear her when she tells them ‘I booked a Flexicar’. They kept thinking she says ‘I booked a sexy-car‘, which ended up in much laughter.

I can actually relate to this story so much. As a native French speaker I have a thick accent and people often misunderstand me when I say “Flexicar”, most especially over the phone – believe me, I’ve heard about everything… “Sexy car” definitely came a few times, but I also had “Flexi-Cow”, “Flexi-Call” or “Flexi-Tarp” to name a few.

I’m often amazed at how something that I thought I’ve articulated correctly turns into something as bent as “Flexi-Tarp”. Of course this is an endless source of entertainment and joy for my colleagues and I must say, I’m glad to hear it doesn’t only happen to me!

This story is just one in thousands of unbelievable members’ anecdote, we could easily write a couple of books about it…

So we’d love to hear your Flexicar anecdotes, if you have one please leave it as a comment below – The first 10 stories will get a $20 driving credit (if you’re a member).


A Flexicar...

... to not be mistaken with a Sexy-Car

Smart meter replacement – or how Fruity saved the business

July 3, 2010

Has your electricity meter been replaced yet? As ours was recently replaced by a Smart meter, only a Smart Car could have helped us.

Fruity the Smart for Two – freshly retired at Flex’ Retirement Home (read: Depot) – was brought out of retirement where she was enjoying a well deserved permanent holiday after years of service.

As you may know all electricity meters throughout Victoria are to be replaced by Smart meters – and if you don’t know you will soon as your electricity meter WILL be replaced. Anyway… as our meter was replaced last Tuesday, we had no electricity for half an hour.

No electricity means no phone system and no phone system means our members wouldn’t have been able to get hold of us. And that’s when Fruity comes into place. Shane – our ingenious head of tech department –  had the brilliant idea to plug the phone system on Fruity’s battery, and the business was saved. Amazing what a Smart car can do.

Thanks Fruity, in our heart forever you will live on.

If you’ve had your meter replaced and it created some crazy adventures for you please share with us!

Greg @ Flexicar

The Flexicar Team plunged into darkness

Powered by Fruity

Shane, the mastermind behind the Smart operation

Honk when you see a Flexicar

May 21, 2009

When I was a kid holidaying in France with my parents, we were using my grandfather car, a Citroen 2CV. 2CV might not be as common as a Commodore in Australia so I’ve added an image below.

When you would hit 40 k per hour the old piece of crap would shake like crazy, as if it would fall apart at anytime. Ah…But that’s another story and we don’t have time for it now. Maybe next time.

Anyhow, the cool thing with 2CV is that, to my delight as a kid, you’d honk when you see another 2CV, which is quite frequent in France, and the other driver would honk back.

Which bring us back to our beloved Flexicars. Honking when you are driving a Flexicar and see another one has been tacitly developed among members, and I think it’s awesome and should become a convention.

Not to mention that this allows me to reminisce these fun memories of my childhood, and reiterate the whole honking thing with Flexicars.

Okay, Brunswick members will probably have to drive with the hand on the horn, now that we have seven Flexicars there…

SO, please don’t call the police if you see me zipping around in a Flexicar and honking like a mad man, and let me be happy, I’m just having some childhood flashback!

And don’t forget to honk next time you see a Flexicar.

Citroen 2CV. The French car par excellence!

Citroen 2CV. The French car par excellence!

Greg, honking blogger

Flexi-Photo Competition

February 7, 2009

A big thanks to all the members who participated in our December’s photo competition.

Recall that you simply had to send us a photo of yourself with your favourite Flexicar to enter the draw and win some driving credits.

We had photos of members munching on Flying cars, going nuts in Sunshine on some trashy 90s hits, biking crazy in Mount Hotham or Oscar in some exotic places just to name a few.

Here are some of the pictures that we loved.

Toto doing some Xmas shopping

Toto doing some Xmas shopping

Starving Flexicar member

Starving Flexicar member

Sunshine Dance Party - Wagga Wagga

Sunshine Dance Party - Wagga Wagga -

Flexicar Bikies

Flexicar Bikies

Congratulations to our lucky winners Shingo, Ryan and Sarah who shared $500 in driving credits.

What’s more enjoyable than this exquisite taste of free driving?

Greg, Saturday Blogger

Man joins Flexicar for Wife’s 40th!

January 29, 2009

I heard the most gorgeous story the other day about the most romantic Flexicar member in existence.

The man in question was planning something ultra-special for his wife’s 40th birthday present. He had purchased for her (at great expense) front row tickets to Elton John’s concert at the Werribee Mansion last January. And he planned to personally chauffeur her to the event aswell.

So, he signed up to Flexicar and booked a vehicle so that he could deliver his wife in style and comfort to the Elton John concert. He dropped her off right at the front door then cruised back to the car park to wait for his wife.

During the concert while the lucky wife rocked out with her friends to the tunes of Elton John, the romantic husband waited in the carpark with his Flexicar. At the end of the concert he whizzed right up to the front door before the post-concert rush, picked up his fabulous wife and then they whizzed straight back to the city in record time.

The whole story must be true because I heard it from his Wife!

-posted by Ruth

p.s. If you have a more romantic story involving a Flexicar then I challenge you to send it in to us.

Waterless car washing at Flexicar

November 14, 2008

While Flexicar offers you a great way to reduce your environmental footrpint, as a business we are also always looking at ways to minimise and reduce our own environmental impact of doing business.

As the long hot days of summer are rolling in, it is concerning how little water we have in Melbourne at present.  Melbourne’s water storages are currently at only 33.4%.  So we all need to do our bit to conserve water!

We have always had a water wise policy with regards to cleaning our Flexicars; only taking them to a car wash when they really needed it, and going to car washes that used recylced water.  But we have now teamed up with another great small business to reduce our water use even further.

Jonno’s Car Wash uses Style Magic – a waterless spray & wipe that is 100% natural and organic, Australian made & owned.  He uses NO WATER to clean our Flexicars, and his cleaning process also removes 98% of bacteria, with no chemicals and only micro-fibre cleaning cloths.  Jonno was a Finalists for the savewater! awards 2008.

So next time you see a sparkling clean Flexicar, you can be assured that not one drop of precious water was used to get it that way.  Thanks Jonno!

We might get there earlier than what you expect

September 13, 2008

I get a lot of enquiries about Flexicar’s expansion.

Ideally, everyone would like to have a Flexicar right in front of their door…But it wouldn’t be such a good thing as the idea of car sharing is also to reduce the amount of cars.

At the moment our service is concentrated in the inner city area, but following our growth plan, we are expanding from the city outwards. We are currently working at filling gaps between our existing locations – and we’ll have new locations soon in Port Melbourne, Brunswick, Kensington and South Yarra.

In regards to adding cars to our network, this is how it works at our end: we add cars in response to local demand – and this is where you could help us!

If you know of friends, family and local businesses in some areas where Flexicar is not present and who are interested in using Flexicar, get them to register their interest on our website at

The more registrations we have from these areas the sooner it will be that we add cars there. You can tell friends, family and local businesses about Flexicar HERE.

Speak to you soon

Greg, Flexiblogger

Where are my Wagons??

September 9, 2008

Hi there

Have you ever heard of Zorro, Zeus, Casper or Hercules? Have you ever needed to transport your 20 feet long harpsichord out and about in Melbourne?

Or maybe you simply wanted to show off your Malibu Surfboard pretending there is an incredible swell in St Kilda?

Well some of our members did have the need for such things but they sometimes encountered a massive problem: the only Flexicar available for booking was our cheeky SmartForTwo Fruity – which is about as long as a half motorbike – and I let you imagine the scene to fit anything in there.

That’s usually at this precise moment that I get a desperate call or email from a Flexicar member, begging me to provide him with the locations of our sumptuous and spacious Corolla Wagons or Subaru Forester.

So I decided it was about time to fix that issue once for all!

I am now going to disclose to you Flexicar beloved member the high demanded list of our wagons/Forester locations:

Foresters (compact SUV)

Hercules lives on Blyth Street in Brunswick

The Mighty Thor lives on Carlton Street, Carlton

The handsome Samson lives in the City Square Carpark, now near the lifts

Corolla Station wagons:

Casper is on Rathdowne Street in Carlton North

Zeus in on Newry Street in Fitzroy North

Gomez the Spaniard lives on Muir street in Richmond, right in front of the West Richmond train station

Last but not least Zorro is in St Kilda, on Carlisle Street

That’s it! I better not receive a query about this ever again!

If you would like to see the exact locations of these Flexicars, please check our MAP on

We always try to stay consistent with keeping the same Flexicar at the same parking spot, but it is nevertheless likely that we need to swap our cars between locations for maintenance purposes.

If you would like to talk to me, please email, or give us a call on 1300 36 37 80.

I’ll talk to you soon