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Seen Flexicar on the train lately?

February 17, 2012

Flexicar have been trying out a few new things…including some in-train advertising. We’ve got some panels in THREE metro trains, which will be up Jan-Mar. We played on the names of our Flexicars and their various car model characteristics. One of the core values we hold dear is to be “Fun & Friendly” which we think these ads captured too.

Flexicar Train Advertisement 2012Flexicar train advert 2

We’re a little slow on blogging – did you know we’re on Facebook & Twitter?

February 13, 2012

Ok, true confessions time. We’ve been rather lack-lustre in our blogging lately, as you may have noticed. Too few people with too much going on.

We have managed to be much more active on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Something about 140 character limit being far less daunting than a full blog post!

So if you want to be the MOST up to date on Flexicar news, specials and general goss, we recommend you LIKE us on Facebook at of FOLLOW us on Twitter at .

Flexicar is hiring!

February 9, 2012

Know anyone car sharing fans, or just savvy people who want to be a part of a company they can be proud of?

Flexicar is hiring during February 2012.

We’re recruiting for two roles.

1. Part time – Member Relations Officer

Listing here on Seek>

2. Full time – Marketing & Development Manager

Listing here on Seek>

Spread the word….