Are we there yet? Are we there yet?


We’ve been a little tardy posting to the Flexi-Blog. It has been a loooooooong and busy time for the Flexicar team since we’ve moved into our new Hertz home last December. Lots of work to get here, then lots more work when we got here to learn how things work, then even  more work training some new customer service peeps here and in Dublin, then extra work at the moment as our wee team of six is down to four whilst two team members are overseas.

So….are we there yet, you may well join us in asking?

Getting there 🙂

The Aussie customer service team are doing a great job at helping out members during the day – so a big shout out to Louise, Teresa, David and Johnny who are taking Flexicar calls in between their Hertz calls. They report that you Flexicar lot are rather lovely!

The international team is proving a bit trickier alas. Not that many calls come in overnight and there’s a bit less consistency in who is answering the phone, so the level of knowledge (and thus related support) isn’t always up to our best standard. Please know that we’re aware and are working on it.

The indispensable Greg is due back from his well-earned month off in a couple of weeks, and we hope to have smoother waters on his return. Monique is off on her Churchill Fellowship and has been meeting up with fabulous car sharing and sustainable transport people all around the globe, so we look forward to sharing some of her experiences when she’s back in September.

We’ve also just added a new helper to the Ops team (Hello to Mitch), which means our tech guru Shane (who had been helping out full time in Ops for a few months) will have some more time to work on some of our technical issues.

In between all this, we’re still welcoming lots of new members every month and we’ve added around 15 new parks in the past 6-7 months…so it really is all systems go, despite the changes behind the scenes. We’re still supporting lots of local events, including the just closed State of Design festival and the upcoming Melbourne Writers Festival and Fringe Festivals.

So, we’re not quite there yet. But we’re getting closer every day!

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