Flexicar launches in Stonnington


After a loooooooooooong wait, Flexicar (and our members) are excited that the City of Stonnington has approved a car sharing trial in the city. We have been allocated four parks in Council carparks at Cato Street & Prince Close in Prahran, Windsor Station at Windsor and Darling St, South Yarra.

We kicked off the trial with the official opening of “Elmo”, suitably welcomed by the Mayor and Flexicar General Manager, Monique Conheady. We gave away over 150 free coffees during the morning too, to those who dropped by to say hi! Although, we must say, when you say free coffee, people still think there’s a catch!

One Response to “Flexicar launches in Stonnington”

  1. Martin Says:

    Smart move Stonnington! Keep up the good work, Flexicar!
    Keep the Flexicars rolling out, so the residents can spend their money on local businesses instead of ploughing it into their cars.
    Best regards, Martin, previous Stonnington resident, now in Stockholm Sweden.

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