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Smart meter replacement – or how Fruity saved the business

July 3, 2010

Has your electricity meter been replaced yet? As ours was recently replaced by a Smart meter, only a Smart Car could have helped us.

Fruity the Smart for Two – freshly retired at Flex’ Retirement Home (read: Depot) – was brought out of retirement where she was enjoying a well deserved permanent holiday after years of service.

As you may know all electricity meters throughout Victoria are to be replaced by Smart meters – and if you don’t know you will soon as your electricity meter WILL be replaced. Anyway… as our meter was replaced last Tuesday, we had no electricity for half an hour.

No electricity means no phone system and no phone system means our members wouldn’t have been able to get hold of us. And that’s when Fruity comes into place. Shane – our ingenious head of tech department –  had the brilliant idea to plug the phone system on Fruity’s battery, and the business was saved. Amazing what a Smart car can do.

Thanks Fruity, in our heart forever you will live on.

If you’ve had your meter replaced and it created some crazy adventures for you please share with us!

Greg @ Flexicar

The Flexicar Team plunged into darkness

Powered by Fruity

Shane, the mastermind behind the Smart operation