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Flexicar at MVCC Green Precinct Breakfast

June 17, 2009

Moonee Valley City Council launched it’s “Green Precinct” project in 2008, with the aim to create a blueprint for sustainable projects incorporating local businesses in Victoria.

The area between Pascoe Vale Road, Mt Alexander Road and The Strand is being developed as a high profile area demonstrating best practice sustainable business activities and employee programs that concentrate on energy, water, waste, biodiversity and travel.

The project is aiming for:

  •  A 20% reduction of 2007/08 greenhouse figures by 2010 and a carbon neutral precinct by 2020; 
  •  A reduction in 2007 potable (drinkable) water figures by 30% for each business by 2010; 
  •  The recovery of 75% of solid waste to be reused or recycled by 2010; and 
  •  Increases of at least 25% in the accredited GreenPower use for each business by 2010.

Flexicar thinks it’s a great initiative so was down at a staff and business member breakfast at the Council offices this morning talking about Flexicar. While Flexicar isn’t currently in any City of Moonee Valley suburbs just yet, we are planning to be there in 2010. Staff come from far afield to work with the Council, however, so there were some keen potential Flexers there.

And of course there were the yummy pancakes to keep us happy…

Flexicar at Moonee Valley City Council Green Precinct Breakfast

Flexicar at Moonee Valley City Council Green Precinct Breakfast


Green Precinct Breakfast

Green Precinct Breakfast

Unveiling the Hybrids

June 4, 2009

Flexicar are excited to announce that we now have two Hybrids in the Flexicar fleet, made possible by our friends at Honda who have provided the cars for twelve months. (More on this story here). The media launch was held today – in the “pretty but chilly” setting of Melbourne’s City Square. Honda Ambassador, fashion designer Akira Isogawa, helped “unveil” the Melbourne Hybrid Dreamer. The second Hybrid is kicking off today in Crown St, Surry Hills.

Some pics of the media launch, hosted by Honda, are below. These were taken on the rather wee Flexicar camera. Once we have the “professional images” we’ll be able to share these with you.

Monique Conheady speaking at launch

Monique Conheady speaking at launch


The unveiling

The unveiling


Monique Conheady, Lindsay Smalley (Honda) & Fashion Designer Akira Isogawa

Monique Conheady, Lindsay Smalley (Honda) & Fashion Designer Akira Isogawa


"Dreamer" looking snazzy

"Dreamer" looking snazzy

Winners are grinners

June 2, 2009

Remember our Little Big Shots Film Festival competition?

Little Big Shots Film Festival is Australia’s major annual and travelling children’s film festival, running from June 3 to 8 in Melbourne at ACMI, and Flexicar is proudly sponsoring the event this year.

We had 20 double passes to give away for the Festival, and all you needed to do was telling us your favourite kids film of all time.

Well, the competition was quite successful, and we’d like to thanks all participants and send our warmest congratulations to the winners.

We had some interesting entries and all kids film’s genres were covered, from Japanese mangas (My Neighbour Totoro) to contemporary classics (Toy Story, Nemo…), and also some rare jewel like The Red Balloon.

Personally, I was a big fan of Princess Bride – memorable characters (Ah Inigo Montoya…Buttercup and Wesley’s love story…) and memorable quotes – and Walt Disney Classics such as Aladdin or The Jungle Book.

And for those who’d still like to attend the Film Festival, cheer up! There are plenty of tickets and plenty of sessions to satisfy all kids and kids at heart!

For tickets and sessions, visit the Little Big Shots website:

Our lucky winners, and their entry:

Samantha de Forest (Mary Poppins)

Daniel  Walls (Cabin Boy)

Greg Muller (The Wizard of OZ)                                  Little Big Shots, 3 to 8 June

Mark  Donnellan (Spirited Away)

Sally McHugh (Milo and Otis)

Helen Grist (Back to the Future)

Fritz Balkau (Happy Feet)

Patricia Boyce (The Princess Bride)

Teena  Lawrence-Brown (Nemo)

Nick Calpakdjian (Sandlot Kids)

Mark King (The Jungle Book)

Sandy McLeod (The Princess Bride)

Sumi Fleming (Beauty and the Beast)

Clive Bourne (Kes – Ken Loach)

Nic Kocher (Toy Story)

Darren Osborne (Muppets Take Manhattan)

Kirsten Slifirski (The Red Balloon)

Margaret  Young (The Red Balloon)

Anthony Legg (Ice Age)

Caroline Blackburn (Mary Poppins)

Thomas Greig (Toy Story)

Emily Sims (The Princess Bride)

Congratulations again, and happy Film Festival!