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Honk when you see a Flexicar

May 21, 2009

When I was a kid holidaying in France with my parents, we were using my grandfather car, a Citroen 2CV. 2CV might not be as common as a Commodore in Australia so I’ve added an image below.

When you would hit 40 k per hour the old piece of crap would shake like crazy, as if it would fall apart at anytime. Ah…But that’s another story and we don’t have time for it now. Maybe next time.

Anyhow, the cool thing with 2CV is that, to my delight as a kid, you’d honk when you see another 2CV, which is quite frequent in France, and the other driver would honk back.

Which bring us back to our beloved Flexicars. Honking when you are driving a Flexicar and see another one has been tacitly developed among members, and I think it’s awesome and should become a convention.

Not to mention that this allows me to reminisce these fun memories of my childhood, and reiterate the whole honking thing with Flexicars.

Okay, Brunswick members will probably have to drive with the hand on the horn, now that we have seven Flexicars there…

SO, please don’t call the police if you see me zipping around in a Flexicar and honking like a mad man, and let me be happy, I’m just having some childhood flashback!

And don’t forget to honk next time you see a Flexicar.

Citroen 2CV. The French car par excellence!

Citroen 2CV. The French car par excellence!

Greg, honking blogger

Flexicar – Team Photos

May 14, 2009

Hmmm….what to do when you’re lacking the inspiration for a blog post? Post pictures!

So, ever wondered what the voices on the other end of the Flexicar phone look like? Well, here’s some of the team below on a “welcome back” dinner for Pete, who worked with Flexicar at its inception and has now returned from the UK to come back as our Operations Manager.

Half of the Flexicar team out to dinner

Half of the Flexicar team out to dinner









Monique with our "foreign" contingent - Greg and Justin

Monique with our "foreign" contingent - Greg and Justin









And some pics of Monique up in “always sunny” Sydney, near our Surry Hills and Manly Flexicars.

Monique at Surry Hills Market











Surry Hills Flexicar on Crown st









Monique being enthusiastic about Flexicar in Manly

Monique being enthusiastic about Flexicar in Manly












Possibly the coolest bike basket ever?

Possibly the coolest bike basket ever?

Had to include the bike pic. I’m sure that clever person must be a Flexicar member 🙂
Kimberly the Marketing Chick

Flexicar team on tour in Sydney

May 1, 2009

Most businesses that operate in several states end up with a lot more knowledge  and support in their “home town” than the other places they do business. For Flexicar, that home town is Melbourne. Land of cold winters, dry summers, great bars and footy fanatics!

We have cars in Manly and in Surry Hills in Sydney – and want to grow outside these locations – but as a Melbourne team, we suffer somewhat from not knowing Sydney anywhere near as well as we know almost any area in inner-city Melbourne.

So we’re taking some action. Two of us are heading to Sydney for a few days to “cruise the streets” of Manly and Surry Hills around our cars. Decked out in our Flexicar gear (we’ll be easy to spot in all that red!) we’ll be visiting the Surry Hills Market on Saturday 2 May and the Manly Arts & Craft Market on Sunday 3 May. We’ll also be trying to get a feel for the neighbourhoods, to ensure we understand the personality of the area. Plus we’ll be scoping parking locations, ensuring we’re in just the right spot to suit our new and existing members.

So if you spot us roaming the streets, stop and say hi, maybe suggest a good local spot…and don’t hold it against us that we’re from Melbourne!

Kimberly the marketing chick