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Flexicar website suffering in the heat!

January 30, 2009

It’s too darn hot!

It’s so hot that everybody is experiencing some kind of fallout. The rolling blackouts across Melbourne caused a communication breakdown between the Flexi-computer and the Flexi-fleet. On a Friday afternoon too!

I want to thank everybody I spoke to for being so cool (pardon the pun) about the fact that they couldn’t get going in their air-conditioned Flexicar.

Fortunately it was all back to normal within an hour and we got to go home on time knowing that everything was back on track.

Man joins Flexicar for Wife’s 40th!

January 29, 2009

I heard the most gorgeous story the other day about the most romantic Flexicar member in existence.

The man in question was planning something ultra-special for his wife’s 40th birthday present. He had purchased for her (at great expense) front row tickets to Elton John’s concert at the Werribee Mansion last January. And he planned to personally chauffeur her to the event aswell.

So, he signed up to Flexicar and booked a vehicle so that he could deliver his wife in style and comfort to the Elton John concert. He dropped her off right at the front door then cruised back to the car park to wait for his wife.

During the concert while the lucky wife rocked out with her friends to the tunes of Elton John, the romantic husband waited in the carpark with his Flexicar. At the end of the concert he whizzed right up to the front door before the post-concert rush, picked up his fabulous wife and then they whizzed straight back to the city in record time.

The whole story must be true because I heard it from his Wife!

-posted by Ruth

p.s. If you have a more romantic story involving a Flexicar then I challenge you to send it in to us.