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The Shadow Men

September 27, 2008

Today I’m going to tell you about the backstage people at Flexicar.

You may have never talked to them, you may have never even thought they would exist but it is thanks to these guys that your Flexicar is neat and clean, that you have a new CD each month in the car etc.

More generally speaking, they’re the folks who make sure that the operations side of Flexicar is running smoothly.

These blokes of the shadow are Antony, Cale and Jim.

Jim is from the country, somewhere up north in Victoria, and as he would tell you if you meet him, he is a hillbilly. With the friendly temperament which usually characterises country people and his white beard, he makes me think about the Santa Claus a bit, most especially with his red bright Flexicar hoodie.

Our back garage at the office in now crystal clean and manically organised, thanks Jim!

Ant and Cale are both from the Victorian country side as well.

Ant is studying at Melbourne Uni and is working part time at Flexicar, he loves his footy of course.

Same with Cale, he’s from somewhere up north. After having completed some studies in the medical/business field he’s working at Flexicar saving all his cash for his upcoming 2009 world trip, starting with Cambodia.

If you want to speak to them, tell them how you enjoy the cleanness of our Flexicars and simply thank them for having rescued you when you had a flat battery, please email


Greg the Saturday blogger

We might get there earlier than what you expect

September 13, 2008

I get a lot of enquiries about Flexicar’s expansion.

Ideally, everyone would like to have a Flexicar right in front of their door…But it wouldn’t be such a good thing as the idea of car sharing is also to reduce the amount of cars.

At the moment our service is concentrated in the inner city area, but following our growth plan, we are expanding from the city outwards. We are currently working at filling gaps between our existing locations – and we’ll have new locations soon in Port Melbourne, Brunswick, Kensington and South Yarra.

In regards to adding cars to our network, this is how it works at our end: we add cars in response to local demand – and this is where you could help us!

If you know of friends, family and local businesses in some areas where Flexicar is not present and who are interested in using Flexicar, get them to register their interest on our website at

The more registrations we have from these areas the sooner it will be that we add cars there. You can tell friends, family and local businesses about Flexicar HERE.

Speak to you soon

Greg, Flexiblogger

Where are my Wagons??

September 9, 2008

Hi there

Have you ever heard of Zorro, Zeus, Casper or Hercules? Have you ever needed to transport your 20 feet long harpsichord out and about in Melbourne?

Or maybe you simply wanted to show off your Malibu Surfboard pretending there is an incredible swell in St Kilda?

Well some of our members did have the need for such things but they sometimes encountered a massive problem: the only Flexicar available for booking was our cheeky SmartForTwo Fruity – which is about as long as a half motorbike – and I let you imagine the scene to fit anything in there.

That’s usually at this precise moment that I get a desperate call or email from a Flexicar member, begging me to provide him with the locations of our sumptuous and spacious Corolla Wagons or Subaru Forester.

So I decided it was about time to fix that issue once for all!

I am now going to disclose to you Flexicar beloved member the high demanded list of our wagons/Forester locations:

Foresters (compact SUV)

Hercules lives on Blyth Street in Brunswick

The Mighty Thor lives on Carlton Street, Carlton

The handsome Samson lives in the City Square Carpark, now near the lifts

Corolla Station wagons:

Casper is on Rathdowne Street in Carlton North

Zeus in on Newry Street in Fitzroy North

Gomez the Spaniard lives on Muir street in Richmond, right in front of the West Richmond train station

Last but not least Zorro is in St Kilda, on Carlisle Street

That’s it! I better not receive a query about this ever again!

If you would like to see the exact locations of these Flexicars, please check our MAP on

We always try to stay consistent with keeping the same Flexicar at the same parking spot, but it is nevertheless likely that we need to swap our cars between locations for maintenance purposes.

If you would like to talk to me, please email, or give us a call on 1300 36 37 80.

I’ll talk to you soon