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To Tree or Not To Tree

June 12, 2008

We here at Flexicar practice what we preach. None of us own a car and all ride bicycles or use public transport. We recycle everything we can, from paper to ink cartridges. We switch off all lights and electronics at the end of the day and use environmentally friendly products to clean our office and Flexicars.

Therefore you can only imagine our disappointment when we receive our Optus bill each month (see picture attached – it is two columns of boxes, covering about 3 months worth of bills!). It is the bill that covers all of the SIM cards we have in our Flexicars. We have pressed Optus to either streamline their billing system or make business accounts available online. They have stated that they are developing this.

In the meantime, we are losing what looks like a tree per bill per month, not to mention the fuel they’re using to have a truck deliver it to us. It is such a big disappointment for it to come through the doors each month when we try all we can to cut down on such eco-unfriendly things in our everyday operations.

So, if the picture shocks you as much as it does us, and especially if you’re an Optus client, write to them, call them, blog yourself, and force a change for the better. Flexicar thinks “Not To Tree” is the answer!