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Where’s my invoice?

April 29, 2008

Flexicar Invoices
At Flexicar, our invoices follow the calendar month. All bookings that end within the given month are included on the same invoice.

In the first week of the following month the invoices are finalised. In this period we add toll trips, excess kilometers, and any other specials, extras or discounts. Once the invoices are finalised, a notification email is sent out to all members.

How and When do I pay my Flexicar Invoice?

Invoice finalisation and notification occurs on the 7th of the month or the next business day. Flexicar charges the invoices 7 days after the notification email is sent out using the direct debit details you provided us when you joined as a member.

You should expect the invoice payment to be made on the 14th of the month or the following business day.

If you have nominated a credit card for your invoice payments, then the name Ezidebit Milton, QLD will appear on your credit card statement, this is our payment provider. If you have nominated a bank account, then the name Flexicar will appear on your bank statement.

All your Invoice Queries
Please wait until you receive the invoice notification email before contacting us regarding specials or extras for your invoice. After you receive the invoice notification email make sure you check your invoice online under the ‘My Payments’ section.

If you need to nominate a different account or credit card for your direct debit payment, then simply contact us and we will provide you with a form to update your payment details.

If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact our friendly accounts staff:

Customers have more power than ever

April 24, 2008

Last night I was at an event on “word of mouth marketing” and someone asked the question about whether the advent of technology had changed forever what word of mouth meant. The answer is not that the meaning has changed, but the potential has. The power of the customer has grown exponentially – so if you love something or hate something, you can tell so many more people about it.

One of the speakers was from a company called This is an (Australian) site where you go on and rate businesses on their performance – and then thousands of other people know whether or not they should use that restaurant/hairdresser/mechanic. It’s great for checking out local businesses in your area so have a look – and feel free to rate Flexicar whilst your in there. But I digress…

This is a great example of your opinion and experience being able to affect the fortunes of any business. And as a customer, I like that. As a marketer, I like that when I’m working with companies that people enjoy dealing with (like Flexicar – phew!).

Kimberly the marketing chick

I Love Dogs

April 22, 2008

I have the most gorgeous Border Collie named Harry.  I just adore him, and I know the feeling is mutual!  One of the things he enjoys the most is going to the river for a run and a swim.  Nothing excites him more than when we’re heading there.  How does he know?  Well I walk to the car, put a towel over the back seat and put the rear windows down…game on!

BUT…this isn’t in a Flexicar!  See Harry lives up home in the country with my Mum, so that when he gets into a car, it’s mum’s who tries to stop me, but of course she can’t, as I know how much he loves the special treat when I am home.

It is from this perspective that I can understand a lot of our members being pet lovers and really wanting to be able to take their loved furry friends with them wherever they go.  It is hard to leave them behind, especially if it’s a lovely day outside.

However, we’re sharing these cars, and unfortunately, a number of our members are allergic to pet hair.  Therefore it is imperative to make it a fair and equitable service for all of the great people who are part of the Flexicar family.  My Operational staff are reporting seeing pet hair on seats and in boots of Flexicars when they go to service and clean the vehicles.

So, next time you are using a Flexicar, and you think it will be okay to take your pet, it isn’t!  Not only is it inconsiderate, but it leaves you liable to the fines and charges as stated in our Terms & Conditions.  Please make sure you consider your fellow members at all times and leave your lovely pets at home.

Brendan the Operations Guy

Invoices, Extras and ETags

April 15, 2008

March Invoices

March invoices were finalised and the notification email sent on the 8th of April. Invoices are always charged 7 days after the notification email is sent out. So, the March Flexicar invoices were debited on Wednesday, 15th of April.

We aim to finalise all accounts by the 7th of the month, but we had a delay this time. Our delay was due to Citylink Etag information not being available for the entire month of March. We were only able to obtain Etag information up to the 23 March.

How are Toll Trips applied to Flexicar invoices?
Citylink reports all toll trips made by all Flexicars. These trips are matched to Flexi-bookings and applied at-cost to your account.

April Invoices

April invoices may include an invoice correction for toll trips taken between 24 and 31 March.

Also, appearing on April invoices will be the lovely half price offer. This is a strictly limited offer so check out the details in your Flexicar eNewsletter dated Friday 11th April.

Remember to wait until the invoices are finalised and the notification email is sent out (expect this to happen on the 7th of May). When you receive this email you should check your invoice on line under the My Payments section for all the toll trips, extra kilometres, special discounts and free hours.

Questions about your invoice?

Then you can email if you have any queries about your invoice.

Transport…the elephant in the corner

April 4, 2008

Today at Parliament House the Victorian Premier, John Brumby, hosted the Victorian Climate Change Summit. I listened to the Premier’s address live online this morning. There was lots of good stuff about energy and water covered. However, there was little mention of transport.

The transport sector in Victoria is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gas emission, and what’s more it is the sector with the fastest growing emissions. And the need to address this was further highlighted this week with the release of the Eddington Report.

The only real mention of transport in the Premier’s speech was the need to shift to hybrid cars. Hydrid cars are great, and will be part of the transport sector’s response to climate change. But a shift in the type of cars we drive won’t address issues such as congestion and parking pressure (particularly with our strong population growth). Nor are they currently an affordable option for most people, with hybrids vehicles costing close to $40k on road (the main reason Flexicar doesn’t yet have any hybrids in its fleet).

Furthermore, continuing to build our city around the car leads to other increased greenhouse gas emissions associated with urban sprawl, loss of arable land to housing/roads/parking, greater distances for food to travel, etc.

It was disappointing that in the Premier’s speech this morning there was no mention of public transport, services like Flexicar, car pooling or active transport (walking and cycling). I noted the Victorian Climate Change Summit agenda DID include a break out discussion group topic that included transport. I do hope the delegates in that group addressed the impact of emissions from transport better than the Premier did.

Sydney Locations, Free Memberships and Driving Hours

April 4, 2008

You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve launched TWO new locations in Sydney.

Priscilla has found a new home in Kings Cross, just around the corner from the station. And Tweety has flown the coup and is now living on Crown Street Surry Hills right outside the Clock Hotel.

What’s in if for you? Well other than being able to give you access to these 2 cars in Sydney, you get FIVE hours of FREE Driving for telling FIVE friends about Flexicar.

All you need to do is CC us on when you write an email to 5 friends telling them about our launch into Sydney.

We respect your friends’ privacy as much as you do, so we will never use their email addresses. We just need you to CC us so that we know you’ve sent the email on and we can make sure you get your free hours.

If you’re stuck for something to say- just copy and paste something we’ve already put together.

“Hi. I thought you’d want to know that Flexicar is adding new Flexicars to Surrey Hills and Kings Cross – and membership is totally free until April 25th. I’m a member and it’s a great service. So if you want a cheap, green and easy alternative to car ownership, join or check it out at”

Want another THREE hours?
The above offer is limited to five hours. You want an unlimited opportunity to earn free hours?

Oh alright then.

You get three free hours of driving for every person you refer to Flexicar who becomes a member – and why wouldn’t they since membership is free for New Sydney Members till April 25th?! Just remind them to put your name in the “Additional Information” field of the new member application.

Happy emailing!

Debbie from Sales and Marketing