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February Flexicar Invoices

February 29, 2008

Just a reminder, we are at the end of another calendar month and that means that you will all soon be receiving your Flexicar invoices for February.
All bookings which are completed in the month of February will be on your February invoice, but wait until the 7th of March before checking for any free hours, discounts, special offers or surcharges.
On the 7th of March you will receive an email from Flexicar stating that your invoice is finalised and is ready for viewing on line. Login to your Flexicar account and go to the ‘My Payments’ section and check your invoice total. We will then charge your invoice by direct debit on the 14th of March.
Flexicar ran a special offer in February – 2 days for the price of 1. This is a limited offer and applies to only 48 hour bookings which occur on weekdays. That is, the booking must start after 7am on Monday and end before 7am on Saturday. No exceptions and no back-to-back bookings (the offer is 2 days for the price of 1, not 4 days for the price of 2).
So wait until you receive the invoice notification from Flexicar on the 7th, then check for your specials and discounts.
Happy Driving!
Ruth @ The Flexicar Team

Chocolate, Easter, Holidays…and did I mention chocolate?

February 29, 2008

According to Wikipedia: Easter eggs are specially decorated eggs given to celebrate the Easter holiday or springtime. The oldest tradition is to use dyed and painted chicken eggs, but a modern custom is to substitute chocolate eggs.

Hear, hear, for the modern substitute! Moving past the fun of childhood egg painting, there’s a lot to be said for the large amount of chocolate you’re allowed to indulge in come Easter.

Easter has hit us early this year, giving us a March that handily has three short weeks. So there’s some long weekends for relaxing, getting away, doing the excise necessary to accommodate the additional choccie eating…

We’ve stuck with the choccie-fest theme with our FlexicarMarch promotion and we have five Max Brenner chocolate gifts to win if you join Flexicar in March. In putting together this marketing promotion, I sacrificed personal time and effort to head into Max Brenner and drink, eat and browse all things chocolate. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it…

The nice folks at Max Brennerhave also offer Flexicar members 5% any purchase in their shops over March. So head in for a hug mug of white hot chocolate (my personal fave) and to pick up some Easter eggs that would make the bunny jealous.

Kimberly the Flexicar marketing chick

Taxi talk

February 29, 2008

There have been lots of reports in the media this week about taxis; the need for a fuel surcharge, the safety of drivers, the quality of taxi service, the need to a ‘knowledge test’ , hybrid taxis etc.

Flexicar is a supporter of the taxi industry. Taxis play a vital role in reducing the number of private cars on our roads – in return, easing traffic congestion and parking pressure. Using taxis, public transport and Flexicar enables inner city residents and businesses to live/operate car (ownership) free.

The recent talk about taxis is a two way street. There is a need for improved quality and cleanliness of taxi services. But the public also need to be prepared to pay the appropriate fares and show more respect for the service. Reports that taxi drivers only make $8/hour (well below the minimum wage), that they are sometimes subject to verbal and physical assault and to people doing “a runner”, is just not on.

The other interesting development in the taxi sector is the introduction of hybrid taxis. Taxis currently spend significant amounts of time driving around and waiting for fares; all the while spewing out greenhouse gases emission. One cabbie told me his vehicle did over 100,000kms annually. That’s about 7 times more than the average private car. So the introduction of hybrid taxis will be a great benefit to the environment.

So I think all this taxi talk is important. I hope it leads to more green, clean and quality taxi services – vital in providing the cost effective and efficient transport options people need if they are going to be able to live car free.

Cleanliness is next to….

February 22, 2008

As Operations Manager of Flexicar, I have found myself becoming a bit of a neat freak. My mother would be shocked after I spent my adolescent years with a bedroom full of clothes in piles that failed to discriminate clean from dirty, and dishes under the bed that could possibly have been there since the last time my friends were over for a Super Nintendo party!

How times have changed. Overseeing each vehicle in our Flexicar family, and getting feedback from our members, I have come to see that the cleanliness of the cars is a high priority, not only for my team, but for all of our members. There’s nothing worse than finding sand, food scraps, dog hair etc. The interiors of the cars are cleaned on a regular basis. Due to the drought however, the exteriors get a little less love unfortunately…but we are environmentally conscious here at Flexicar – better a dirty car than no water to drink!

So, as a member and a car sharer, please make sure our Ops Team’s terrific work isn’t in vain (and that my new found fastidiousness isn’t futile!). You can do this by ensuring you don’t smoke or have pets in the cars, leave each car neat and tidy, all seats up, just the way you found it, and ready for the next member to enjoy….feel free to have a bedroom like mine at home all you like!

Brendan from Flexicar Operations

Even a car owner finds a use for Flexicar

February 21, 2008

As the only Flexicar staff member to own a car (my excuse: My suburb is still waiting for a Flexicar !) I have recently found several times where I’ve had occasion to use my Flexicar membership.

The first was when my car died and the mechanic took TWO weeks to repair it. There were several days over that period when I had a day of meetings and renting a Flexicar was going to be the only way to make it happen without a dizzying array of PT connections.

The second was when I’d actually driven my car to the city and then had an appointment sprung on me at short notice in the middle of the day. But if I took my car out of the car park, I was going to find myself out of pocket as my “early bird” rate of $11 would be negated and I’d be up for $35 for the morning – the joys of inner-city park math – PLUS whatever it would cost to park when I returned to town. It was simply cheaper to rent a Flexicar for an hour and a half than it was to use my own car.

So I’ve now had a chance to drive several of our cars – a Honda Jazz, Smart two door and a Smart Four door – from the perspective of a member. And it all went ridiculously well. I’ve even got a favourite car. But I’m not telling…

Kimberly the Flexicar Marketing Chick!


February 13, 2008

My name is Monique Conheady. I’m a co-founder of Flexicar. Prior to setting up Flexicar I was an engineer. In the immediate years prior to Flexicar I was fortunate enough to work on a number of infrastructure projects in remote Indigenous communities in WA and Qld. These projects involved the provision of basic services such as potable water, sanitation, power and roads – basic services most Australians take for granted.

Through this work I was privileged to meet, work, make friends, go fishing and swimming, hunt wild boar and hear some of the stories of several blackfella mobs. Today, as our nation finally says “sorry”, I am thinking of my Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander friends.

I listened to the new PM’s inaugural, historical and important speech via a mobile phone, that was sat in front of a friend’s computer, which was streaming the speech live in real time, while on the tram, on my way to a dentist appointment.

Mobile phone reception, internet connection, public transport, dental health care – again things most Australians in big cities take for granted – but sadly things many Indigenous Australians still do not have access to.

Unfortunately many of my blackfellas mates will also never have access to a hassle free Flexicar. Although the Warlpiri Bush Mechanics have shown us Indigenous Australians are amazingly ingenuous when it comes to keeping a vehicle ticking over!

Now that we have finally made the important first step of saying sorry, I sincerely hope it is a better road ahead for Indigenous Australians.

January was hot at Flexicar – and we don’t mean the weather!

February 1, 2008

Whilst many people were easing back into the new year, the Flexicar team have had to hit the ground running thanks to a record month of new members. Flexicar have had their biggest month ever of member sign ups, thanks in large part to our brief but generous free membership promotion. We also have to thank our enthusiastic Flexicar members, who are always out there singing the praises of Flexicar to their friends, family and workmates (and landing their 3 free hours while they’re at it).

And why should you care if Flexicar has more members? Well, more members mean we can add more cars around town for you to use! There’s a ratio of cars to members that Flexicar work to, ensuring that there’s always the best possible access to cars whilst keeping our rates as low as you’d like. We’ve got new cars coming soon to Melbourne’s Docklands and inner-city Sydney plus some other areas that are too top secret to announce yet!